11 uses of DREAMCARE Antiseptic Floor cleaner:

1- Takes off grease from your floors;

2- Removes stains without fading or bleaching floor surfaces;

3- Restores shine on polished tiles, marble floors and surfaces;

4-Introduces a fresh lingering fragrance to mopped spaces;

5-Kills germs on surfaces ..including molds and algae ;

6- Prevents formation of grout and sludge on floor and tile surfaces;

7- Wards off cockroaches and ants on floor surfaces used

8- Can be used as kitchen surface cleaner

9- Excellent as gas cooker top and oven cleaning solution.

10- doubles as an upholstery cleaner ..takes off dirt and stains on your cushion surfaces leaving no maps.

11- Takes off odours such as sweat and urine smells from upholstery and mattress surfaces.